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Pursue your dreams
in-game and beyond!

Sneak On is a testament to the evolving landscape of entertainment, where digital worlds intersect with real-life opportunities, empowering players to become the architects of their own success."
Producer of "Schindler's List" & "Jurassic Park"
- Gerald R. Molen

Make Your Break!

Join thousands of other players, and step into the glitzy realm of Tinseltown, where fame, fortune, and fantasy collide. Aspiring actors, directors, and producers navigate a dynamic virtual landscape, pursuing their dreams amidst the shimmering lights of Hollywood.

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Sneak On

A parade of characters, from aspiring actors in glamorous attire to bustling film crews, traverse the sidewalks, each immersed in their own quest for stardom.

Coming Soon
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Play the game, and Learn how the movie business works, and how to get a movie made in Hollywood.

Hollywood Game


Meet new people, and make new friends who can help you break into the entertainment industry.



Find real-life work through job postings, or create opportunities for others on your own projects.

Break In!

Real-Life Oppotunities

About us

As veterans of the entertainment industry, we've witnessed the power of storytelling to transform lives. 'Sneak On' exemplifies this, offering players not just a game, but a platform to shape their own narratives and pursue their dreams, both in-game and beyond.

A Real Life Experience

What sets this MMORPG apart is its unique ability to bridge the virtual and real worlds. Through strategic decisions and clever networking within the game, players can unlock real-life opportunities, from landing auditions to forging industry connections. With each quest completed and role mastered, players shape not only their virtual personas but also their real-world destinies, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality in the ultimate Hollywood adventure.

Crew Needed!

We are looking for an editor to begin cutting some behind the scenes clips together in preparation for our series to begin shooting.  So sneak on the lot, and upload your audition today!

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